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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  July 22, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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make it a pepsi. pepsi? yeah, pepsi. but, mr. claus, i thought you had a deal with, uh, you know. i'm on vacation. i want to have a little fun. a'ight! [ both laugh ] shh! [ male announcer ] summer time is pepsi time. naughty! nice! a stunning new development into the beating of bryan stow outside dodgers stadium. >> three new people are now in the spotlight, potentially a new focus for l.a. police in their search for the attackers. amy hollyfield a live at san francisco general where stow is recovering. >> what a week it's been for the bryan stow family.
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he had an emergency earlier in the week and had surgery and later in the week he had a breakthrough and here comes the news that two men has been arrested. >> the break a huge in the beating of bryan stow. they arrested giovanni ramirez in may and insisted that he was the one that beat stow outside of dodgers stadium. now, they believe the two men they now have in custody are the ones who did it. >> most important lesson is that we do are a society, innocence until proven guilty. that wasn't the case here. everyone jumped on the bandwagon and started pointing fingers at giovanni ramirez. >> they say they are glad to hear the case is still active. >> i think it's great that lapd is spending time to help track down the people that did this.
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they are not sweeping it under the rug. >> l.a. police are not commenting about the arrest. it comes from an anonymous source so we don't know who these men are or what evidence police have against them. family members are staying guardedful we hear more. >> we are waiting just like everybody else. we know they have a big job to do and a lot of work ahead of them. we just put all our faith in lapd. there is a lot of work to done than. we understand what a long road it is for the lapd. what they have ahead of them. we are really just waiting for the legal process to take shape. >> we're hearing that the police department may wait until monday before commenting about the arrest. bryan stow is in serious condition but he did have a breakthrough this week. his family reports that he opened and closed his eyes and
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appeared to give a thumbs up sign. san francisco mayor ed lee was charged by activists over the shooting death of a convicted at the lone of from seattle. it came in spite of the fact that a medical examiner that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. nick smith joins us. >> many refused to accept the words of that investigation. in fact, take a look at this video. before san francisco mayor ed lee could celebrate the groundbreaking of a new library in bay view he was crushed by reporters and members of the community who had questions of their own. >> is this overshadowing the
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groundbreaking ceremony? >> no. i think this is where all the kids and community want to go. they want to use local labor and build strong community. this is as important as anything we do. thank you very much. >> what happened is, we asked the mayor because he came to talk about the groundbreaking ceremony. the obvious question was, mr. mayor has this, indeed, recent events in the bayview overshadowed it. he said absolutely not. he and the police department are committed to an attitude of transparency as they previous information he will make sure it will be shared with the public. an oakley man is fighting for his life right now after being seriously burned in a house fire overnight. reports say the man jumped out of window of his fourth street home to escape the flames. he suffered second and third-degree burns to most of his body.
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investigators don't know how the fire started but they found hundred butane canisters inside the house. >> i do not know if it caused fire but it had a significant affect on the growth of the fire. >> they say canisters are often associated with drug manufacturing but authorities can't confirm what was going on in the house. nobody was hurt in the fire. >> overseas, police expect two accounts in norway are linked. seven people were killed after a powerful bomb hit several government buildings including the prime minister's office. 15 other people were injured but not the prime minister or any cabinet members. a square in oslo where the noble peace prize was awarded was covered with glass. the u.s. state department says all embassy personnel have been accounted for. >> in the second account, a
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gunman dressed in a police uniform several people at a youth camp. no reports of fatalities yet. they arrested one person but it was not known if it was the gunman. >> in just a matter of minutes leon panetta will take an important step of ending the don't ask, don't tell policy. they will present president obama with a certification from each branch of the military overturning the policy. the certification confirms that ending don't ask, don't tell will not harm recruitment. once the president signs off, a 60-day clock starts until the policy is repealed. >> another show down in the deadline to raise the nation's debt ceiling. the senate voted down the republican measure and president obama took to a college townhall meeting says he is ready to back tough choices. >> president obama repeating his
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message any deal must include tax increases not just spending cuts, republicans say no tax increases. >> at a townhall meeting in maryland, president obama tried to bring home to americans what it would mean to them if there is no increase in the federal debt limited. >> costs go up for the united states, they are probably going up for everybody. so it would be indirect tax on every single one of you. credit card interest rates would go up, mortgage interest would go up, student loan could potentially go up. >> republicans are seething but not surprised that their cut, cap and balance bill was cut coun in the senate today. >> those of us who have worked our tails off to try to get something done are told this is a piece of crap. >> there is no more time to
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waste on debating on measures that has no hope to becoming law. we have no more time to waste on partisan gains and same indecision becomes decision in time. >> now they are challenging democrats to come up with their oven plan but reid and boehner have been making talks and he wants the house to act first. boehner repeated his denial there is a secret deal with the white house and nothing he said at his news conference there is a deal. >> we have a spending program. somebody has to get serious about cutting spending and our friends across the aisle aren't at all serious about what the american people demand, spend less. >> increasing the pressure on the president and speaker boehner, senator reid had cancelled a meeting with lawmakers.
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suns 11 days away from the first ever default. >> fight over the debt ceiling isn't the only show down going on in washington. parts of the federal aviation administration will shut down at midnight unless there is a deal to extend operating authority. 4,000 people would be furloughed if there is no deal but employees including air traffic controllers would continue to work. tsa secretary ray lahood says the government will lose about $2 million a week in airline tickets taxes. >> just ahead, the critics are calling about ads. and lasted chapter for the one time giant borders. >> and play off the field may be the play of the week. exchange between two young
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. california's unemployment rate rose slightly even though employers added workers. california added 29,000 non-farm jobs in june but the jobless wrait went to 12.8%. a final chapter for borders bookstore. the company begin liquidation
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sales on all 399 stores. some of the stores could be sold to a rival company but most are expected to close outright. borders says it was hurt by online book sellers and discounters. >> controversial got milk billboard ads are coming down after a week of criticism. the board was trying to promote the idea that milk can reduce the effects of premenstrual symptoms. but medical experts are questioning the claims about milk reducing the symptoms of pms and some women felt the ads were offensive. the billboards will be changed out next week. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> absolutely. let's show you what is going on, we have fog hanging around the coast and parts the bay.
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it does signal the change in the forecast. dramatically cooler today and cooler through the forecast. >> and is it was the dress the world couldn't wait to see. how you can get an upclose and personal look at kate middleton's wedding gown. >> you can't change it. >> big day, story behind one bride's freak accident and her recovery and an amazing story of love. =x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=xx
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young arizona diamondback fan may have made the play of the week. what he did between the d'backs and buccaneers. >> you get a souvenir. wait a minute. did he get it. oh, boy. he a diamondback fan got it and not the brewer fan. no.
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>> are you kidding me. this said skid going to do this. >> oh, my goodness. >> he the ball to the little boy. you don't see that happen. classic kid and he was awarded not empty-handed. they were awarded to diamondback and tickets to a future game. he told a reporter it was quote the precise thing to do. brewers play the giants tonight. >> he was very shocked by getting that ball. >> there are a few of them out there still. >> let's take a look at it. at&t park where we're going to have 7:15 first pitch against the brewers. it will be clear early and about
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61 degrees and clouds will roll in and drop down to 57 by the time the game ends. it will get breezy also. typical day or evening at at&t park. here is a look at fog that continues rolling across the golden gate. it's going to hang out for the better part of the day keeping areas over the east bay shore, richmond, berkeley and oakland much cooler than everybody else. you can see that fog still pretty thick along ai longs the coast. 57 at half moon bay. a lot of upper 60s south bay, low 70s and mid-70s near 80 in the east bay valley. monterey bay and inland, clouds are stubborn low to mid-50s if you are leaving right now. sunny afternoon what we're going to have away from the coast and more cooling thanks to the stronger sea breeze. that will bring clouds back in the forecast and look out for patchy drizzle tomorrow morning. morning clouds will keep our temperatures fairly cool, cooler than average and depending how quickly the fog retreats to the
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coast depends on temperature changes. they will be minimal, nothing wild, not as wild as what we're seeing today which is nothing in santa rosa but san francisco to concord, 2-7 degrees cooler than yesterday. east bay valleys, no 90s, free air-conditioning is back. mid to upper 80s with the windows open. cool breeze, look at richmond and berkeley in the mid-60s and low 70s for the east bay shore. mid-70s and low 80s down in the south bay with san jose at 78 degrees. millbrae, a little cool breeze, 68. low to mid-70s for the rest of the peninsula. you can see what the clouds do the coast, a little more sunshine downtown san francisco and sausalito mid-60s. mid-70s in san rafael and mid 80s through calistoga. eventual sunshine inland and upper 70s to low 80s. here is the game forecast once again, clouds rolling in late.
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it's going to be fun weekend to be at at&t. mid-50s and possibly 49 in santa rosa and 50 in antioch and drizzle luke this morning. this area of low pressure that is pushing cooler air, sliding down the coast and as it moves in, it will keep us in this had cooler than average pattern. that will last probably the rest of the forecast. if you are heading up to the sierra, it's going to be delightful, low 80s in tahoe and yosemite. see how the temperatures fluctuate a couple degrees, slightly cooler tomorrow and coolest weather monday and tuesday. wednesday and thursday we'll see a lot of temperatures. no big wild swings. an inspirational woman will say i do today a little bit later than she originally planned. she had a terrible accident but she will wear the same wedding
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dress a year ago when she was supposed to get married. it's been altered to fit better now she is in a wheelchair. she was at bachelorette when a bridesmaid pushed her into swimming pool and instantly paralyzed from the chest down. >> straight out, i am not going to walk. i broke my neck. >> a year later, rachel will head down the aisle. she doesn't have any bad feelings for the bridesmaid who will be at the wedding. >> that is beautiful. >> princess catherine's dress, will be at buckingham palace it it be centerpiece of a tour. visitors will be allowed a few
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feet of the dress to to see all the details. >> just ahead, friday's perfect pet. >> mike will be back to introduce us to milo next.itçiui u
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today at 4:00 and 5:00, five uses for a tablet computer. what they can let you do that other computers cannot. it is sentencing today for online stalker to that sent nude photos of women. >> back here with a couple friends.
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>> and from the humane society. nice to see you again. >> thank you and nice to see milo. going kreas a minute ago. >> he has white tip. he is a mix and he has wonderful energy but intelligence of a real smart. he knows all his commands. he loves to play, play ball. he came to us from a family that pets are suffering as well as people in this recession. they lost their home. they were very sad and still trying to find a good home for him. we also have something for you, couple months ago we had kathy the white boxer, a beautiful dog. she is still with us. she is wonderful. we have really good ones here. we have so many wonderful dogs
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right now. >> and lots of small ones. >> a lot of small ones but we have more than ever before. people are suffering. it's the perfect little dog. the staff loves him. >> maybe we can find them a home >> thank you. >> what a sweetheart. >> for all of us here thanks so much for joining us today. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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